These teenage dreams, so hard to beat.

As a well known multinational company, it’s hard to keep things fresh. You want to make sure your marketing and advertising is innovative and interesting but your 55 year old marketing director isn’t quite hitting the mark.
Enter; the youth scene.
Those effortlessly cool and ridiculously talented teenagers who have been creating portfolios and blogging since the age of 12.
Some companies have started to take notice and come up with a clever plan. Put them in charge. Not of anything of great importance, a small advertising piece, a spread in a magazine perhaps, and see what they come up with. The results are fantastic.
Take Eleanor Hardwick. A young girl from Oxfordshire who loves photography and is very good at it. She was hired by Jack Wills in 2009 to come up with a concept and shoot their Winter collection. since then she has had commissions from Teen Tatler, Miss World, Marie Claire Enfants and many more. Her photography has also been featured in Harper’s Bazzar, British Vogue and Dazed & Confused.
(She’s only 18)
Eleanor Hardwick for JackWills. 2009.
Take Olivia Bee. She is also only 18, and a photographer of wonderful proportions. She has ridiculous talent with a camera. Her pictures have a dream-like quality that suggest endless summer days through the eyes of an American teen (which is exactly what they are, but they’re well captured). Many people have taken notice of this. On her website she has a huge list of commissions and features (she is probably getting more work at the age of 18 than photographers who have been in the business that long) including Levi, Hermes, Converse, Nike, Fiat 500, Vice Magazine, The New York Times, TIME magazine…it’s unbelievable.
An outlet for all this fantastic-ness is RookieMag, founded by now 16 year old Tavi Gevinson, editor in chief, who is the queen of the artistic youth scene as her world famous blog ‘Style Rookie’ was started by her when she was just 11! RookieMag is where the world’s (literally, as it is an online magazine) fabulous and fantastic teens (and some young 20s) collide into a wonderous coming together of photography, fashion and articles.
Please check it out, you will never believe it was set up by someone so young.
There are so many ‘youth stars’ I could mention here but I just wanted to make the point that age doesn’t matter anymore. These talented-teens have done as much of an amazing job as any other professional would have. The internet has provided the world’s talented to be noticed, and no one can tell how old you are from behind their computer screen.

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