Yo advertising is pretty tremendous, actually.

I love Yo! Sushi.
And not just because the pumpkin korroke is so good you want to order ten of them. Not only is the overall standard of each restaurant pretty high wherever you go, the marketing and advertising they use is such a prime example of how social media can get you a vast number of dedicated followers.

Yo! Sushi website 

Their website is well designed. It uses bright colours, interesting, fun graphics and is really easy to navigate (which can be hard to come by). It is kept light-hearted with sections such as “How deep is Yo love?” asking (for the purpose of keeping track of customers I presume), how often you visit.

They also have a facebook and twitter which are updated daily, a blog, picture and video section. With over 21,000 followers on twitter (and over 100,000 likes on Facebook), they must have something interesting to say; and they make sure they do. Daily, a Japanese or sushi themed picture and interesting fact is posted which keeps things light and friendly between the company and the consumers. They also use it as a customer service tool, quickly answering questions, queries and complaints in a friendly manner, meaning if you want to speak to them, you can (a revelation!). This makes you want to follow them on twitter, just to see what they’ll come up with tomorrow. 

Yo! Sushi Website

It is inevitable that you will be cheered up by a picture of a baby dressed as a piece of sushi or a Japanese cat using chopsticks popping up on your facebook newsfeed. This cheer is then associated with the company, turning a picture and witty comment that took 2 minutes to post into a regular customer who will think of you the next time they want a  quick lunch or fun dinner with friends.

Sushi Cat. Source: Yo! Sushi Facebook
Yo! keep it so interactive and in tune with its customers that you always know the lastest restaurant openings, deals and goings on without feeling bombarded with unwanted information. And that my friends, is a monumental achievement in the world of advertising.

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