Brand X Brand: the rise of the collab.

Brand collaborations are not a new thing, but in the last 3 years they have been increasingly utilised by big names to drive organic growth across both existing and new brands, in the face of slumps in consumer spending and reliance on sales. In fact, Google found that fashion collaborations were ranking higher than their solo counterparts in search. Whether brands are seeking audience volume … Continue reading Brand X Brand: the rise of the collab.

What you learn when you live abroad.

I get asked a lot about which city has been my preference to live in, what the best part was, what the worst part was. In reality I have loved them all, and the friends and memories I have from each city are different but equally cherished (lol lame). But the best thing I got, came from living abroad in general because it teaches you … Continue reading What you learn when you live abroad.

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Western Union

During my time at Western Union I looked after retail key accounts (including John Lewis and Debenhams) before being asked to take on the paid media and digital lead role. I managed a core media agency team of 5, as well as an internal creative agency. I championed a test and learn approach, as well as pushing for bold and effective creative made for digital … Continue reading Western Union


As the ABM for Anchor, I worked on and led a number of ATL and BTL campaigns and large scale projects. This included leading the product launch of Anchor Unsalted Butter, supporting the launch of Anchor Pastry, leading a packaging redesign project for Anchor Squirty and managing our digital and CRM agency to deliver our social campaigns and popular rewards programme. The packaging project, which … Continue reading Anchor